BIZÚ – Collab with Xouse Studio

Introducing Bizú, the pioneering fashion rental shop in Guatemala City, poised to become an essential style companion for women. With a carefully curated collection of luxurious yet accessible dresses from renowned brands, Bizú’s closet offers an exclusive range for every woman.

The design process of Bizú was a meticulous journey that began with the exploration of its French-inspired name. Delving into the realm of 19th-century French fashion and the influence of Art Nouveau, we unraveled a captivating design system. This discovery led us to create an exquisite custom logotype, a visual representation of the brand’s essence, ensuring a truly unique and enchanting experience.

See our complete brand book here: Behance

Behind mimi yoga studio’s design secrets

Behind mimi yoga studio’s design secrets

Exclusive insight behind Mimi Yoga Studio's design secrets. Let's talk interiors, branding, the importance of color and yoga. Plus, learn how to chant with Mimi herself.